Marketing Team-Player, Coach, & Cheerleader all rolled into one.

Deeply committed to the belief that you are worthy of success.

Creative Commons License Amie Fedora via Compfight
Creative Commons License Amie Fedora via Compfight

I started my career in web marketing as side job to help off-set the cost of the degree I was earning that I have never actually used in any real professional capacity. I fell in love… with lines and lines of HTML and little pixels all lined up perfectly. I researched how search engines work in 1997 and moved a mayhaw jelly company to the top of the list of a search for “jelly” in IE (Google hadn’t really made it big, yet.)

I have worked as the Web Director for an international corporation and the Creative Designer for a tiny little start-up… owned my own Design Studio and worked as a free-lance graphics artists… and just about everything in between. For almost 20 years now I have been plugging away in the digital space and loving just about every minute of it.

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Web Marketing Experience:

modern-marketing-servicesI have 18+ years experience in Web Site Development and Web Marketing. I have  expert knowledge of Online and Social Media Marketing as well as Search Engine Optimization. I have professional research experience, plus a history of creating easy to use documentation. With a professional connection to and personal passion for emerging technologies and a background in Technical Support and Training, I can help you navigate the complex world of modern marketing. Want my full professional resume and history… check out my LinkedIn profile for work history, recommendations and more >>


social media, social marketing, design, web marketing, branding, websites, WordPress, logos, brochures, print, ease of use, SEO, optimization, nonprofit marketing and fundraising, creative, painting, sketching, murals, photography, massage, aromatherapy, cupcakes, comfort food, hugs

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I have a life-long passion for art, art history, the way things look and work, and how they make us feel. I believe in community, in giving back and doing my part to make the world a better place.

I am the past Marketing Director and past Technical Director for the Circles of Women South Central a Woman Within International Organization.

I am a member of Live Oaks Friends Meeting, a 50+ year old Quaker Meeting here in the heart of Houston and am the Past Co-Clerk of the Outreach Committee and past Web Marketer for the Houston Peace Festival.

I am ridiculously, happily married and a joyful, proud, and devoted mother of 2 little boys.

Random List of Facts

  • My Favorite color is turquoise
  • I am ridiculously smitten with my 2 boys, AK and The Z-Man
  • I would rather spend time with my family than just about anything else
  • I think life is a grand adventure where making mistakes is how we learn
  • I have lots of pets… I would have more if my Fab!Hubby would let me get away with it
  • I have a Fab!Hubby
  • I am not a newly-wed
  • I think marriage takes dedication and true commitment… cause the rough spots ain’t gonna work themselves out
  • I believe in muddling through
  • I cried when Optimus Prime appeared in Transformers
  • Yes, I am a geek
  • I have drunk the social media kool-aid
  • I facebook too much
  • I wish I blogged more
  • I am more concerned with the creative project than documenting it
  • To say I love to cook is a gross understatement
  • I come from a long line of comfort food aficionado
  • My husband did not know I could cook when we got married (he loves to say that)
  • I believe in the Law of Attraction
  • I am a Qsuccess_quoteuaker
  • I don’t really like to write
  • I love bullet-ed lists
  • I can write HTML in notepad
  • I love to laugh
  • My made up dream job would be a color namer… you know for paint and nail-polish and…

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